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Founded in 2011 by Terrell Williams. Effeno Films has been a growing independent entity within Chicago, with independent short films, & music videos to back its standing. As the years passed, Effeno Films has grown & branched out into helping others, & building a completely collaborative platform for anyone who wants to create visual magic!


Terrell Williams



Terrell Williams is the founder & main creator within Effeno Films. He found a complete love, and passion for filmmaking when attending SIUC in 2010. Ever since his days at university, his passion has continued to grow rapidly. By creating visually popping videos, short films. He has also continued to build through collaborations and independent productions. Terrell has found his place within the film world, & continues to grow & learn everyday.

Bryan Session

P.A /Storyboard / Concept Artist 

Bryan is a multimedia artist that specializes in sketches, & paintings and enjoys creative writing. He started drawing around the age of 6. What drives Bryan is his huge appetite to get better at what he does everyday, and to inspire others who have creative ambitions to never give up on their passion no matter how hard the road gets.

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